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the brain

Our breakthrough AI and cutting edge bioelectronics provide peace of mind to those affected by neurological injury and empower physicians to diagnose and treat with precision

how it works

Our Solution

Our smart headband constantly monitors the electrical activity of your brain and gets help immediately, should you need it.


Our Vision

Provide expert level brain health monitoring in all settings


Reliable Artificial Intelligence


Comfortable Brain Interfaces

How it works

Neurological injury detection made simple and easy

Just like the presentation of arrhythmia on EKG, neurological injuries induce specific patterns in EEG. Our technology identifies these signature patterns immediately and enables fast diagnosis and treatment.

Zeit Medical receives FDA breakthrough designation for its at-home stroke alert technology

10 million Americans live with a risk of stroke

Less than 10% of stroke victims in the US receive treatment

1 in 10 of all ischemic stroke victims die each year

Zeit Medical receives FDA breakthrough designation for its at-home stroke alert technology

1 in 10 patients hospitalized with traumatic brain injury will develop seizures

1 in 4 patients admitted to neurocritical care has seizures without visible shaking

The sooner a seizure gets treated, the more likely it is to respond to the intervention

In the Hospital

  • Continuous monitoring of multiple patients

  • Automated pre-screening and annotation of large datasets

  • Seamless integration with existing EEG systems

At Home

  • Peace of mind for patients and their families

  • Faster access to life-saving treatment

  • Insightful patient management and recovery


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Who We Are

Zeit Medical was founded with a promise to create a real change in the way we identify and provide therapy for neurological conditions. Originating from the flagship program of Stanford Biodesign, our work is inspired by the principles of design thinking and value driven care. We take great pride in staying patient-centered and are advised not only by physicians but also patients with first hand experience around stroke.

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